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Cake Enquiry Form

All our cakes are baked fresh on the premises.
If you are interested in making an enquiry please check our pricing table, then click on the relevant
cake box below and complete the enquiry form.

 Homemade Rich Fruit Cake
Homemade Rich Fruit Cake
Cake SizeCake Price (from)Cake Price (from)
6 inch£75£85
7 inch£85£95
8 inch£95£100
9 inch£105£125
10 inch£135£150

 Basic Iced Sponge Cake
 Basic Iced Sponge Cake
Cake SizeTwo Layers (from)Three Layers (from)
Two Layers (from)Three Layers (from)
6 inch£45£55
7 inch£55£65
8 inch£65£75£75£85
9 inch£75£85£85£95
10 inch£85£100£95£110
11 inch£95£120£105£125
12 inch£105£130£125£145